Lindsey (matthewryan) wrote,


So fall is almost here. School has already started. I now have two jobs. Myt life has had it's ups and downs this past summer. Most of the downs I don't really care about. One, though, I cannot get over because i am so hurt and upset that people who claimed they cared about me and were supposed to be my friends could be so cruel. Yes i was wrong to yell at one person, but I felt threatened and hurt by their actions, so I don't feel that I am 100% to blame. Plus some things that were told to her by another person (like saying i was going to pyhsically harm her if she did something) are completely false. I still love her very much and would never ever do anything to hurt her like that. Also the other person involved in this claimed a lot of things that never happened. I never yelled at her, I never forced myself upon her, I never laid a hand on her. And I'm very upset that the other person, who's been a friend for a few years would believe I could do such a thing. I think she should have confronted me about it first, or sat down to talk to me about things when i asked. A lot could have been avoided.

I have to go to work. I'll probably write more later.
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